Miracle Breakthrough Fruitful Blessing

I am Shalini Prabhu and I would like to share the great miracle that our Lord JESUS has done in my life.

I got married in January 2013 to a God fearing man called Prabhu working in Reliance company, Mumbai. We lived in Mumbai. Our married life was such a blessing and we are doing very well. One thing disappointed us, it was the miscarriage & bareness. Every time I conceived, I suffered miscarriage. It was so painful & very disappointing. We never gave up. We kept our faith in Christ very alive by attending House Prayer Group meetings and all our church activities.

In the month of December in 2013, our House Prayer Group leader Bro. Anil & Sis. Sharadha from Chembur organised Carol singing in our house. We had arranged dinner for everyone to have after the Carol singing. On that day Bro. Brite Sundar & Sis. Lite Brite came along with their three kids Miracle, Blessing & Victory to our house. We didn’t know much about Bro. Brite Sundar because they were new to the city of Mumbai. We had heard through some friends that he was doing God’s work. Little did we know about the mighty anointing of God that this man of God was carrying. On that day, after the carol singing our house group prayer leader brother Anil told us that the man of God Bro. Brite Sundar would pray for us the host. When Bro. Brite started to pray we felt the presence of God surround us. As he prayed he began prophesying over us clearly declaring what God was revealing. He said, “Next year at this time there will be the sound of baby arising from this house. The miracle baby Isaac is coming”. Everyone who came for Carol singing were shocked. We all knew very well that Bro. Brite didn’t know anything about our family & he definitely didn’t know anything about my barrenness. I was thrilled and very excited. It was an amazing experience. We as a couple were filled with joy. That prayer of Bro. Brite Sundar raised our faith and revived our spirit. We were too delighted and were bubbling with so much joy as we were sure that very soon we were going to receive a baby as a fruitful blessing from God. We started claiming this promise in our prayers. God blessed my womb and I conceived in the same month of December. My pregnancy was a breakthrough miracle in my life. The good news of my pregnancy made every member of the House Prayer Group rejoice and become aware of the precious Prophetic Anointing that the man of God Bro. Brite Sundar was carrying.

God’s Word never returns void. Just as God revealed, He gave me the strength to deliver a beautiful baby by on 19th of September 2014. It was a day of joy and jubilation. JESUS turned our wailing into dancing. Our baby brought a great joy to us, our parents and to all our family members. We named him Isaac, which means joy / laughter. We invited Bro. Brite Sundar to our house in Hyderabad to pray and dedicate our baby Isaac. Br. Brite came to Hyderabad and dedicated our baby Isaac for JESUS. We Praise God for this wonderful miracle blessing in our life.

I thank God for Br. Brite Sundar for the anointing he carries and for the wonderful ministry that he is doing. God worked through his one prayer and changed the whole future of our family. God heard his prayer, gave him the revelation and fulfilled his prophecy. Bro. Brite always says JESUS is the true living God who does miracles and wonderful things in our life. Indeed Jesus is wonderful JESUS. Praise the Lord.

Mrs. Shalini Prabhu