Hands Of God over my life – Deliverance Blessing

My name is Rhema, I am from Bangalore. I joined college with a great vision to become a lecturer one day. I am presently a final year BSc student. When I joined college I was very studious as usual. I did very well in both the first & the second year of my college studies. When I came to the final year, I lost my focus and was very much entangled with my friends and their life style. My college friends were very engrossed in the worldly ways. I got so captivated with the fun & Slowly I lost my interest in my studies and got engrossed with the worldly friendship. My performance in my studies spiralled down. I started spending my time talking and chatting with my friends. This slowly kept me away from my parents and took away my time with my parents. Even though I realised that I was not giving quality time to my parents, I was unable to break away from this wrong friendship. I felt so disturbed & distressed that I couldn’t concentrate on my lessons. My mother never gave up on me she kept praying for me very fervently.

At this juncture, one of our family friend told to my mother about man of God called Bro Brite Sundar(uncle), gave his contact number & encouraged her to contact him for prayer. My mother called Bro Brite Sundar(uncle) and asked him to pray for me. Then my mother gave the phone to me and told me to talk to this man of God & get prayed over my life. I reluctantly took the phone and the minute I said ‘hello’ Bro Brit told me, "You are a Miracle child to your parents and God has brought you to this world with a greater plan & purpose but the devil wants to destroy that but today JESUS breaks that yoke and you are totally free from that once for all. He advised me that friendship with this fallen world was sin against God and motivated me to give my life totally to JESUS. Bro Brite prayed for me over phone & prophesised over my future. It was indeed a great breakthrough I had at that time. It gave me immense pleasure and joy to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour and I was filled with the joy of salvation in my heart. That instant all my doubts & confusions vanished from my mind and I received total relief.

Today I am totally delivered from all the deceptions of the devil. Now I am led by the power of God and I am able to choose the right thing & concentrate on my studies. I am able to show my love to my parents, spend quality time with them and share every detail of life with them. My parents are very happy to see a complete change in my behaviour. There is no fear, only love & joy. I see the hands of God over my life as He is lifting me to the next level for His glory. I thank GOD for Bro Brite Sundar (uncle) for his counselling and powerful prayers. I thank you uncle for your prayers, wonderful counselling and God’s prophetic word over my life. It is awesome & accurate. Praise the Lord , I am blessed.

With regards, Rhema