Knocking Miracle Blessing

I am Steffi from Bangalore. Some time back I was in a confused stage and was looking for a breakthrough & God’s guidance in my life. It was during that time one day I came to know about Br. Brite Sundar and his Prophetic Healing ministry through my cousin Sister Tanujah from Bangalore. I understood that it was the move of God in my life. I called Br. Brite over phone and requested him to pray for my studies and career. He prayed for me and gave an accurate prophetic word. He encouraged me saying that soon I would be blessed with a miracle breakthrough that would help me see the glory of God in the area that I had been prayed over. Days and months passed by and then one day God’s Prophetic word came to pass in my life. It was amazing. I was selected to be one of the six student representatives for the university council representing about 2000 MBA graduates in the university. It was the highest honor and responsibility that I as a student earned in the University. I'm so thankful to God for giving me this opportunity. This is absolutely God’s gracious miracle and a real breakthrough in my life. Just as the man of God prayed over my life and prophesied everything happened. I praise God for this great honor & blessing in my life..

Secondly, I had also asked Br. Brite to pray for my internship as I had not got any internship until I started my exams. It was a cause of great worry to me. When Brother prayed over this prayer request, he prophesied that I would receive the internship which would be a knocking miracle from God. These words encouraged me greatly. I began to thank God for this Knocking Miracle in my life. It was indeed a knocking miracle that I received from Lord Jesus Christ. Within ten days of finishing my exams, I received three internships. God gave me the option to choose among the two. I am currently working for two organizations which nobody else in the university is doing. Oh what an amazing work of God in my life. I Praise God for this knocking miracle blessing in my career. I thank Br. Brite Sundar for his valuable prayers & the prophetic word that God spoke through him.

I and my family have been blessed through Br. Brite Sundar’s prayer & his Blessed Ministry. Glory to JESUS.

March -2014