Fruitful Breakthrough Blessing

My husband and I are married for more than 5 years now, and are living in the USA. Right after our marriage, even before we started to think about having a child Lord gave a prophetical word that we must wait to receive the child that he would give us. We wondered what that would mean and left it to the Lord. After 3 years of marriage, we realized that I was unable to conceive. I became very concerned about it and often became overwhelmed with negative and depressing thoughts.

As time passed, we found it more difficult to wait in faith and felt the pressure that we could wait no more. We felt that we should do something about it and that’s when we decided to go to a specialist to get help. Things went great initially. The doctor named the problem that I had and said that I could never become pregnant unless I undergo the treatment. We agreed and thought that it was the way that God was going to give us the baby. What a mistake! Doctor started the treatment and I went through the difficult procedure, bearing all pain and shame just to see myself get pregnant. Just as I had desired I did get pregnant and was so happy about it. To my dismay in a month’s time the doctors said that they couldn’t see any growth and I ended up with a miscarriage. Once the painful cleanup work was over we were told that we need to come back and retry. I was so broken. All that I went through was finally in vain, and added on to that I was left physically weak with all my hope lost. In our despair we drew one strong line – to put our entire trust in the Lord and in His might, never to put our trust in man and in his ability. The zeal of the Lord’s Spirit made us to pull out all the medication. We broke them and threw it into the trash and declared – “unless God gives us the child we won’t have it in any other way!”

After all this I visited India 2008, It was at this time, Brother Brite and his wife Sis.Lite, who are our dear friends visited our house in Chennai. What a delightful time that was! I was in so much need to hear that God still loves me, and His plan and promise for me had never changed. When Bro. Brite & Sis. Lite started to sing their songs and lead me worship God in singing, The awesome presence of God filled that place & great JOY came into my heart, Me & my parents all received a divine peace & Joy in our hearts & mind. Suddenly Bro. Brite prophesied clearly to me - “The Lord is healing you right now, you go back to America. Soon you will become pregnant. Go to the same doctor and show that the Lord JESUS CHRIST has done the miracle for you!” what the Doctors cannot do JESUS has done for you, As he laid his hands and prophesied a great joy erupted in me and I was convinced in my spirit that JESUS had healed me that very moment.

I returned back to America. Just as God had spoken to us in 2 months time to our surprise we found that I was pregnant! Praise the Lord! What an unspeakable joy that was! (Luke 2:46-48). As Bro. Brite said, we went and showed to the same doctor what our Lord did. As I am typing this testimony, giving a big smile at me is my healthy handsome baby boy (6 months, 20 pounds) that my Lord gave me looking at my humble condition. I praise God for His awesome outstanding Miracle Blessing in my life. Jesus is real & He is Lord of my life. He rolled away all the impossibilities into a possible blessing in my life. Nothing is Impossible to him.

For the glory of God we named him Jeremiah, In 2011 we came to India for our holidays, we visited our home town Madurai in Tamil Nadu and showed our blessed son JERIMI to our beloved parents & they all filled with great Joy & praised JESUS for this wonderful miracle blessing in our lives.

We came to know that Bro. Brite was not in Chennai and that he had gone to Mumbai to minister in a place called VASSAI in Gospel Healing meetings. We were determined to meet him and show our love and gratitude. So we went as a family to Mumbai met Bro. Brite in Vassai Gospel Meeting, showed our miracle son JERIMI and honoured the man of God and his family with our best love offerings. It was a great moment of celebration and joy. We also shared the testimony of the birth of our miracle baby in the meeting in Vassai, Mumbai. Bro. Brite gave a new name for son calling him as “WONDER JERIMI” and prayed for our son by giving glory to JESUS. .

Oh what a wonderful God we serve. I thank God for Br. Brite & Sis. Lite, for the precious anointing they carry in their lives & ministry. They are really a blessing to the broken hearted. Their songs bring God’s divine presence and fill the listeners with joy. They have been a great blessing to our family. We thank them for their valuable prayers and love. We stand with their vision and ministry of bringing God’s kingdom and blessings into the lives of many and support them with our prayers and love. All praise be to God

Mrs. Anita Dev New Jersy, USA