A Miracle Marriage, A Miracle Visa & A Fruitful Blessing

I am Joshua from Chennai. I am a Physiotherapist in the Medical department.

From my young age I had a desire to become a Doctor in the Medical Science, I was good in my studies and always scored high marks in all the subjects. God was behind every success in my life. At a very young age I came to faith in Christ, gave my life to Christ and decided to live for the Lord. The Lord who is so faithful, enabled me to study Medical science in the field of Physiotherapy. When I was about 21 years old, I prayed & dedicated my youth to the Lord. My desire was to serve the Lord in the Medical department and also among the youth & teens. I decided to get married only when I become 35 years old. As a bachelor, I served the Lord in many ways with my focus was on reaching people especially in the hospitals.

It was during that time a friend of mine who was also a Medical Doctor told me about a man of God, evangelist Bro. Brite Sundar. He shared with me the evangelist's testimony and also explained how he was blessed through Bro. Brite's prayers & prophetic word. It was so encouraging nice to hear his testimony. My friend took me to meet Bro. Brite Sundar and it turned out to be a great and wonderful time to be with this man of God. That day he gave a prophetic word for my life & he prayed for my marriage. He said, "Since you had dedicated your life for God & waited patiently for your marriage, God will bless you with the best girl, a right companion for you. Both of you will together serve the Lord with great joy. My near and dear, particularly my parents, were praying for me and were also looking out for a suitable girl for me. At the age of 34, through my sister, the Lord brought a blessed girl into my life. In the year 2014, I was blessed in marriage with a beautiful wife "ROSY GRACE" who has a heart to serve God along with me. She is such a great blessing to me and we happily serve the Lord together. I praise God for this Miracle Marriage Blessing in my life.

Few months after my marriage, we met Bro. Brite and his wife Sis. Lite in a Hotel in Chennai. They had come to Chennai for ministering. We had a good time with his family along with their three little blessed boys. He pointed to his children and said, "Soon God will bless you too with a beautiful child". He also prayed for us. Today for the glory of God we are blessed with a blessed baby boy.

I also like to share a breakthrough blessing that I received through prayer. This year the Lord had given me a promise word from Revelation 3:8 "I have kept an open door". I believed in this promise and claimed this promise word as I applied for a visa to United States of America. Unfortunately my visa was rejected by the US embassy. I didn't give up, I applied again. The second time also my visa was rejected. I was little disappointed, but my wife kept encouraging me a lot. It was during that time I felt in my spirit to call Bro. Brite Sundar and ask him to pray for this visa. I believe that prayer has the power to release God's anointing, to bring a breakthrough blessing or a miracle blessing at that critical time of need. So I called Bro. Brite Sundar who was in Bombay at that time and briefed him about the rejection of my US. He gave me the same promise word from Revelation 3:8 which God had given me earlier “Behold I have kept an open door, which no one can shut it”. He encouraged me and instructed me to give thanks to JESUS always. He prayed for me and prophesied over my situation saying, “Your visa is in Mathew 28:19. God has given you the visa, go happily & receive it. This time you will have a Miracle Visa from of God”. I just praised God and applied for my US visa once again. For the third time I went through the administrative process. Finally I was accepted by the US embassy and they granted me a Visitors Visa to US with 10 years validity. It was a big breakthrough in my life. The Lord was so gracious to me & granted his favour just as the man of God had prophesied. I went to US to write my Medical exam. I wrote the exam and by the grace of God passed my exams. I praise God for this Miracle Visa.

One more happy news is that very recently God has blessed us with a beautiful baby boy. We named him “ EVAN JOSEPHUS” . My wife and I are so happy to see the fruitful blessing of our married life. I am so glad to give this praise report for all the goodness in every area of my life. We thank God for Bro. Brite's ministry & his prophetic word in our life. We give all glory to our Lord JESUS CHRIST.

Thanks & Regards,
Dr. Joshua