Go with Peace, Your New life has come!

I am John Kennedy from NIGERIA. I was born & raised in my country Nigeria. I came to the city of Bombay, India to do my higher studies. I joined college and stayed with my family friend, a Nigerian family who were working in Bombay. My stay was comfortable and my life started smoothly in India. I was studying well and even picked up the Indian language and Indian foods. Days and months passed and one day all of a sudden my Nigerian family friend lost his job. He decided to go back to Nigeria and hence he told me to look for a new place for to stay. I had a tough time looking out for a room to stay. My friend and his family left to Nigeria and as a foreigner it very difficult to find a place to stay. I had no one to help me out. I had very little money left with me. Soon I met another youth from Nigeria who had also come to India to study just like me. I moved in with him into a small sharing accommodation and continued with my studies. This new friend who took me in as his roommate didn’t have a good character. One day, he took my money and ran away. I placed a police complained and once again began to search for a new and cheaper accommodation. I tried to get an accommodation in the college itself, but the charges were double as I was a foreign student and it was out of my budget. I was totally lost and didn’t know where to go. My family in Nigeria were unable to support me as they were financially very poor. I looked up to God for a help in my situation. Finally I got a place to stay for a week. During my stay there, I met an Indian friend who was a believer who invited me to an Evening Prayer meeting in a place called Nerul, Navi Mumbai. He told me about a man of God Bro. Brite Sundar who would be ministering in that meeting. He insisted that I should attend this prayer meeting and be blessed. I decided to attend the prayer meeting. During the meeting I sat there with tears and brokenness.

When the man of God began to preach I felt the powerful anointing of God. His message was very relevant to my situation. He said, “Your friends will leave you and run away, but Jesus will never forsake you. He will help you out of your problems. Jesus will make a new way for you. What man cannot do Jesus would do for you”. His words hit me hard. I was touched deeply by the message. Finally he said, “Surrender your life to Jesus today”. Immediately I began to pray. I surrendered my life to Jesus, I welcomed Jesus into my life. By this time Bro. Brite had begun to pray for people moving from one person to another and had now laid his hand on my head, to pray over me. He prophesied that God was giving me a place for me to stay and that my life would never be the same. He said, “Go in peace, your new life has come”. I was totally touched by the prophetic words, “Go in peace, Your New life has come”. I went back home holding on to those words in faith.

The next day I got an amazing opening. God helped me to meet a man who was running a big business. He interviewed me and I took time to hear about my situation. God enabled me to find favour in his eyes. He gave me a part time job with free accommodation. It was an outstanding breakthrough. I am blessed now and I am now going to complete my degree. I thank God for His goodness in my life. I also thank Bro. Brite Sundar, the servant of God, whom God used to bring new hope and blessed breakthrough miracle in my life in India. I am now blessed.

Praise to JESUS.

With regards,
Mr. John Kennedy