My Blessed, Miracle New Life

I am Sachin from New Bombay. I am excited to share with you, my testimony about what God has done in my life. I am a married man, blessed with a son. I am a business man working in the real estate sector in Navi Mumbai. I worked very hard and went through a lot of difficulties to get to a comfortable state. Even though I was doing well in my business I had no peace in my life. My wife and I were always fighting. To add on to my misery, several problems arose between and my business partner. I was forced to break the business partnership and start a business of my own. The pressure of the new business and the tight financial situation made me a very short tempered man. The fights with my wife at home started to affect my son and my parents. My parents were very much worried about me.

I was a very religious man. I diligently worshiped the various idols of gods and goddesses that I had at home and performed pujas chanting the prayers to them. I contributed money to the Ganapati puja celebrations and paid my respect to the huge idols that were kept at street corners. I was so religious in performing all the rituals that my family had taught and inculcated in me from my childhood. Even though I was very religious and ritualistic in worshipping the idols of all the gods and goddesses, I was a chain smoker with heavy addiction to alcohol. All my business friends were also under this bondage of smoking and drinking. We had good business, good money and so we partied often with drinks and smoking. Soon I became a slave to these habits and was under this bondage for several years. I tried many times to leave those stuff, yet I was unable to get deliverance from it.

During this juncture in the month of July 2014, I happened to meet a sister who is a good friend of mine. She told me that God would surely set me free from all the bondages in my life. She invited me to the special prayer meeting 'Praise & Worship Blessing meeting' that was to be conducted that saturday evening at Nerul, Navi Mumbai. I thought over her invitation to the prayer meeting. I was in a dilemma whether to go to this prayer meeting or to go to the weekend party that I usually attend. Half-heartedly I decided to stay away from alcohol and go to this prayer meeting. It was the best decision that I made as that prayer meeting became a breakthrough night in my life. Yes it was the perfect plan of God in my life.

When I stepped into the prayer meeting, I saw Mr. Brite Sundar and his wife singing a wonderful song called 'God is our shepherd'. I sat there listening to the songs captivated by its music and meaning. Then he went on to share God's word. He said, "God is not for any religion & he is not in any idols made and sold by man. God is Spirit and is Holy. He saves people from sin and all addictions of demonic powers. His name is called Jesus Christ. He is the Saviour and Lord of mankind. His power will drive out every demonic powers out from our life". When I heard those words I was deeply touched in my heart. I felt great peace in my heart and I felt like jumping in joy. When the man of God Br. Brite & Sis. Lite started to sing ' Yehova mera chervaha' meaning 'God is my shepherd & he'll never leave you nor for sake you…' I started to sing along. Tears began to run down my cheeks and great peace and joy kept flooding my heart & mind. It was a wonderful experience in my life. I went to the meeting with brokenness and sadness, but on that night God touched me & delivered me from all brokenness & wrong things in my life. From that day onwards my life was not the same. There was an inner transformation that took place in my heart. I repented from my sin & I received a brand new life from God. I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. From that day onwards I started to sing & worship God in spirit & truth. .

Today my life has been totally changed and blessed for the glory of God. I am free from the bondage of sin. There is peace in my home. My wife was surprised to see my new way of life. She rejoiced and declared, "My husband has become so good with a total change, it is truly a miracle from God". Yes it is true God turned my darkness into light. Jesus has set me free from every evil bondage in my life. Now I am free from addiction of chain smoking & alcohol. All my friends with whom I had partied earlier, saw the change in my life and were amazed. I shared my testimony with and told them about this Jesus Christ who had delivered me from all this addiction. Now they are requesting me to pray for them and their families. Yes that is what I am doing today. Every day I am praying for the salvation of my friends and for them to be delivered from their bondages through Jesus Christ. I am not only blessed. I am becoming a blessing to my family & friends. God is also blessing my business and I am seeing new increase in every area of my life. This is God's doing in my life & it is marvellous in our eyes.

Friend, if you are living as I once was living under the bondage of idol worship and addictions of sin in your life then you need this Holy God & Saviour JESUS CHRIST in your life. May the Lord open your eyes to know the truth that God is Spirit and that he is not in any idol or statue which has no life in it. Jesus Christ is the Holy God, who lives in spirit & delivers people from all evil addictions, sin & demonic powers. All that you need is to understand this truth & call upon His name truly from your heart. I am sure this same Jesus will do amazing great things in your life too. He will bless you with outstanding miracle & lift you as a blessing to many people. Praise God.

I take this opportunity to thank God for this wonderful ministry "The Lord is Good" and I thank God for Bro. Brite Sundar for his wonderful songs, prayers and the prophetic word that he spoke over my life. I am very much blessed through his prayers. Thank you Brother Brite & Sister Lite for your wonderful song "Yehova Mera Chervaha" which has touched my life with the anointing of God. Praise the Lord.

Mr. Sachin
(New Bombay , India)