Outstanding Miracle Breakthroughs

I am Mrs. Suzan from Navi Mumbai. I am blessed with a daughter called Princee and I am doing Property business in Navi Mumbai.

On February 22, 2014 I attended a thanks giving prayer meeting at CBD Belapur. It was a very special day because it was the first birthday celebration of a baby called Victory who is the third son of Br. Brite Sundar & Sis. Lite Brite. All our Navi Mumbai House Group members love little victory very much. Since it was Victory’s first birthday thanks giving prayer meeting many attended it.

On that day I went with my daughter PRINCEE. Before the prayer meeting I had the opportunity to meet Br. Brite Sundar. He prayed for my daughter & as he prayed Br. Brite prophesied saying to my daughter that she was selected, her name was in the list & that she would be receiving a good news. He declared, “Go in peace your job blessing breakthrough has come, go and receive it”. On hearing this revelation me & my daughter were amazed because my daughter had attended an interview with the Reliance Company in Mumbai and was waiting for the reply. We both were worried over the outcome of that interview as she didn’t get any reply from them. It was in this situation God revealed to us through Br. Brite that Princee my daughter was selected & soon she would be receiving the good news of her miracle job. That night we went home very happily thanking God for the prophetic word. The very next week just as God had spoken through the man of God Br. Brite my daughter got the reply from the Reliance Company. It was the confirmation of her selection along with the job offer. Yes she received this miracle job in Reliance Mumbai and now she is working in a good post in the Reliance Company in Mumbai. I praise JESUS for this miracle blessing in my daughter’s life. This was the first Miracle breakthrough we received through Br. Brite’s Prayer.

The fulfilment of the prophetic word in my daughter’s life made me understand that Br. Brite Sundar was not an ordinary man but an anointed & gifted man of God carrying the precious prophetical anointing from God. From that day onwards I was much interested to attend his prayer meetings.

In the month of April 2015, I attended the Praise & Worship Blessing Meetings conducted by Br. Brite Sundar at Nerul, Navi Mumba and received my miracle healing. In that meeting Br, Brite sang his songs & prayed for those who were sick. I was standing there with much pain & swelling in my shoulder caused by my diabetic state. I was asking God to heal me. During that time God’s divine healing power came upon me and healed me instantly. Br. Brite was declaring that JESUS had healed many in that room and that we should check ourselves by doing what we couldn’t do. I checked myself & felt that the swelling in my body had disappeared and the pain was no longer there. It was an outstanding miracle healing that took place in my body. Praise God, Jesus healed me instantly. Earlier I always carried some sweets with me in order to tackle the giddiness that occurred to me often due to my diabetes and its medication. The Praise & Worship Healing Meeting conducted by Br, Brite Sundar healed me once for all. Today I testify that JESUS healed me & I am free from this infirmity. From that day of my instant healing I started to serve the Lord who has healed me. This is my second Miracle breakthrough which I received through Br. Brite’s prayer.

Today for the glory of God I am hale and healthy. God has blessed me more than before in everything. Today I am praying with burden for others who are sick & broken hearted to be healed and delivered. Yes this is God’s doing in my life and I give all glory to JESUS. I thank Br. Brite Sundar for his wonderful ministry & all his prayers. Truly we are blessed through his ministry and I praise God for him.

With regard
Sis. Suzan
New Bombay