Miracle Testimony

I am Francis from Bombay. I am writing this testimony of mine to let everyone know the miracle that changed my life.

My life was filled with a lot of disappointments, failures and brokenness. I was jobless and frustrated. Facing everyday was a challenge for me. Even though my desire was to work in a ship, I looked for opportunities in all fields. The jobs that opened up for me were only for a short period. The jobless situation haunted me. I began to question God for letting me to live jobless and penniless. My sister was a very prayerful person who believed in Jesus Christ. She saw my tears and disappointments and invited me for a ‘Deliverance Prayer Meeting’ that was conducted in a place called Bandra in Mumbai. Every time she asked me to come along with her I always gave her some excuse or the other. One day when she insisted very firmly I told her to specifically pray for me in that meeting. In my mind I thought, “After all the failures that I have gone through what can this Jesus do for me”. That night my sister returned from the meeting with great joy and told me a marvellous thing. She said ‘You have got a job in a ship and will be travelling in a ship. God said so and it is going to happen’. I was shocked and couldn’t understand how God could speak to people. She then explained to me that in that prayer meeting God had brought a man called Bro. Brite Sundar from the city of Chennai to minister. The man of God preached the prophetic word with authority and power and finally prayed for the people in the crowd. There was a powerful demonstration of the Holy Spirit as many demon possessed people were delivered. The man of God prophesied over many people seated in the front. My sister was seated in the last row, praying for me & pleading for a prophetic revelation. Suddenly the man of God moved towards the last row, placed his hand on my sister’s head and prophesied about me. He said, “Tell your brother that he is going in the ship soon. Jesus loves him so much, He will bless your brother with a new job. Who said he

will not prosper, who said he will not progress. It is the lie of the devil. Tell him to live for Jesus & he will bless your brother with a new blessed future”. My sister told this with a great joy and she said this man of God was not from Mumbai and that he had come to this city specially for the Healing & Deliverance meetings. My sister continued saying this man knew nothing about our family or about my situation or about my life, but had revealed everything correctly. She encouraged me saying “God has prepared a good future for you, believe in Jesus Christ and start a new life in Jesus”. My sister’s words began to work in my life that night. I welcomed Jesus into my life and began to pray to him regularly. My faith in Jesus grew tremendously. Couple of months later I got a marvellous opening. God blessed me with a job to work in the ship. Jesus worked a miracle in my life. The prophecy spoken by Bro. Brite came to pass and I began to work in the cargo ship. I travelled to many countries in Europe & to the Gulf countries. Now I know JESUS is the true God and I want others to know this truth. When I returned to India my sister told me that Bro. Brite Sundar was now in Navi Mumbai. Recently we got his number, took an appointment and as a family we met Bro. Brite & his family. I shared this testimony with so much joy. He said, “Isn’t JESUS wonderful”.

I praise God for this miracle in my life. I thank my sister Jessy for her prayers and my sincere thanks to Brother Brite Sundar for his prayer over my life.

With regards

Mr. Francis
Mumbai, India