Miracle Marriage - Out of my Dreams

I am Albin Joseph working in US as a Software Engineer, I was blessed with a good job with a good salary in a good company in US. My green card was being processed and was in the waiting. Yet my life was miserably affected by the strong holds of the devil. I was in bondage and lived a life of brokenness and sorrow. My life had no joy and no peace. I was extremely frustrated and lost all the interest in life. All my dreams were shattered and I had no hope of my future. It was in this situation in February 2007, my sister and my brother- in- law told me about a man of God called Bro. Brite Sundar who had come to USA to minister. They had invited this man of God to their house for prayer. They insisted that I should be there in their house to meet this man of God and have him pray over me and my situation.

After talking to my sister over phone, I felt even more depressed as I was sure that nothing was going to change. My entire family were born again believers who were baptised in obedience to the Word of God. Everyone was actively involved in church ministries, charismatic prayer meetings and supported ministries. I had already met a lot of Pastors, Evangelists and prayed over my problem. They all said that what had happened in my life was the will of God and counselled me to fast and pray. I was also fasting and praying very diligently. Yet I continued to be under this bondage of the strong hold of the devil. So I had no interest to go to my sister’s house to meet this man of God for prayer. My sister didn’t give up, she kept calling me again & again and persuaded me to come and meet Bro. Brite for prayer. Unable to turn down my sister’s request I went to her house to meet the man of God Br. BRITE.

The man of God started to play his guitar and began to sing and praise God with the songs that he had composed. He sang a Tamil song called “ Kaivida maataar Yessu Kaivida maataar”. The words of that song ministered to me in a very personal way. It meant ‘Jesus will never leave you or forsake you, He will open a new way and bring a new beginning for you from today’. This song brought God’s anointing and His presence into the room. Me, my sister, my brother- in- law, we all were together touched by the power of God and we instantly received new peace and great joy.

Then Bro. Brite spoke the Prophetical word of God and prophesied. Every word that came out of his mouth was so accurate. I was thrilled to hear from this man of God, He prophesied “Your prison life is over from this day onwards. The enemy who threatened your family will runaway once for all from your life. From now on a new blessed life is yours. Soon God will bless you with a Miracle marriage. He will give you a wonderful God fearing girl as your wife. Through this marriage a blessed generation will come forth. You will be happy and Joyful through this Marriage”. Bro. Brite sang his songs and led me to the Lord to receive this Miracle Marriage blessing in my life. The whole atmosphere of sorrow & tears left us & our home and Joy entered our hearts & our house.

Just as Bro. Brite said God delivered me from every strong hold of the enemy. Today God has blessed me with SUGANYA in a Miracle Marriage. She is a woman of faith and loves the Lord. We have now been blessed with a son and we have named him Immanuel Boanerges. Oh What an colossal MIRACLE that God had blessed me with. I give all glory to God. I never ever thought that such a thing would be ever possible in my life. But JESUS CHRIST brought this man of God Bro. Brite Sundar from India to USA to break the stronghold of the devil and release this greatest Joy, Peace & Miracle blessings into my life. God has fulfilled all what He said through this Man of God. My whole family has been blessed with great Joy & breakthrough blessing through this Man of God.

I thank God and give glory to Jesus Christ for the deliverance and the blessing that I am blessed with. I am very grateful to Bro. Brite, the man of God whom God sent to raise me to be a fruitful blessing in USA. We as a family continue to pray for Bro. Brite & his family and support this wonderful ministry. May the Lord use Bro. Brite & Sis. Lite, more & more to break the yoke of bondages and bring Joyful blessings & new future to the broken hearted through their Songs & Healing Ministry.

With thanks & love
Mr. Albin Joseph
Delware, USA