God put a song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to worship him, Many will hear & put their trust in the Lord. Psalm 40:3

Brite Songs bring God’s anointing, Power Of Healing & Restoration, Deliverance, Salvation and Joy.

Brite Songs audio album (Brite ke Geet) is a Hindi Gospel Song album that was born from the merry heart of Bro. Brite Sundar. He wrote these songs out of thankfulness and gratitude to the Holy God who saved his life.

Let the Merry heart sing a song of Praise. James 5:13b

Brite Sundar was very fond of music, dance & singing from his school age. He was part of boys’ choir and was regular for the singing practices conducted every Saturday evening. He learnt to sing boys soprano and later tenor and bass in the choir singing. He learnt to play Bongos, triple Conga & the drums during his college days. He played drums for a gospel music team in Chennai, India and also performed in the Cine light music group. His link with cine music group led him to dance in cultural programs and in functions related to idol worship. During his college days he played music in groups to entertain people to party and have fun. He chose to please his friends and was slowly drifting away. One day at the age of 25 he had an encounter with God in a miraculous way. Jesus the Saviour revealed himself saying that He was not a God of any religion but was a God of love who came to save people from sin and destruction. At that very moment, Brite Sundar fell on his feet, repented and cried to God to forgive all the wrong things that he had done in his life. He received Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. Jesus blessed him with new grace and anointed him. Bro. Brite was instantly filled by the power of the Holy Spirit with the manifestation of speaking in tongues. That whole night Bro. Brite kept speaking in tongues for hours together in his bed room. Through this amazing experience he came to know that Jesus Christ is real and that He is all powerful to save people from sinful bad life to a blessed good life. He became a new man and his life style changed completely from then on. He disconnected himself from the light music troupe and all his bad friendships. He chose to do the will of God and use his talents only to glorify God.

Day by day Bro. Brite Sundar studied God’s Word, and grew spiritually in the Lord. One day a man of God from UK who was an anointed singer, wonderful musician and a great worship leader prayed over Bro. Brite and prophesied saying, “God will anoint you & you will be gifted to write new songs, compose new music tunes and sing for the glory of God. Your songs will bring a great blessing to the listeners & enable a harvest of new souls to the kingdom of God”. The man of God presented his own Fender Hollow guitar to brother Brite as a gift and investment for the music ministry that was going to be birthed. At that time Bro. Brite didn’t have any understanding about the importance of God’s prophecy or about the revelations of God. He totally forgot this prophecy, and moved on. Years later one day when Bro. Brite was praying out of brokenness, God reminded him to take up that guitar & play. Bro. Brite had never touched that guitar at all as he didn’t know to play guitar. In obedience to God’s Word Bro. Brite learnt few chords from his friend and even without proper learning he began to play the guitar. As he started to play the guitar, his mouth began to sing new songs praising God. From then on he wrote down the lyrics and composed the tunes using his guitar. Bro. Brite became a song writer, a composer and a singer from that day onwards. This was God’s Miracle in Bro. Brite’s life. He gives all glory to Jesus Christ.

Oh ..What an awesome God we have. Today God has raised Br. Brite as a blessing to many, through his songs to bring in divine healing, restoration, deliverance, Joy and breakthroughs in the lives of many people. All glory be to Jesus the Lord of all.