A New Blessed Beginning is Yours

Young lions go hungry and may starve, but those who seek the LORD's help have all the good things they need. Psalm 34:10

Our God is the Creator of heaven and earth. He is good and all His plans are good. He loves us so much that He gave His only begotten Son Jesus as a sacrifice for our sins. He is a God who wouldn’t allow anything to come near His children, unless it would bring goodness into our lives. When God does allow, tough situations cross our path, how are we handling it? Where do we stand in our faith?

Victor Not A Victim: King Saul was determined to kill David, so David fled into the enemy’s territory with no army or any weapon. King Achish recognised David as the hero of Israel who had antagonized his people (1Samuel 21: 11-15). David soon realized that he had jumped from a frying pan into fire. Smartly he began to act like a crazy person. He let drool out of his mouth and drip into his beard and began to scratch on the wall. The king who saw this ordered to get rid of David as he didn’t want any more insane people around him. This insane act of David, saved his life. A mighty warrior, the anointed & soon to be king of Israel was acting crazy to save himself. How would have David felt? It must have been a humiliating situation for David, but David praises God through Psalm 34. David declares “The young lions lack and suffer and hunger; But those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing (Psalm 34: 10)”.

Yes, my friend, in our life we are often pushed mercilessly into the enemy’s territory. We are cornered into a dangerous situation. It can be due to our finances or due to our health or even due to teenage children. We need to discern it and act shrewdly. We need to blend in with the wisdom of God and act instantly in the physical realm. When we do so, we can never be a victim of the situation. On the contrary, we will stand up and arise as a Victor.

Light not Darkness: Abraham called the oldest servant of his house and entrusted him with the important job of finding a suitable bride for his son Isaac. The condition was that he should not take a girl from the daughters of the Canaanites but should go to Abraham’s country and take a wife for his son from Abraham’s family. Abraham encouraged the servant saying that God would send an angel ahead of him. With such a huge responsibility, the servant went to Mesopotamia and reached the city of Nahor. The servant had no clue as to how to spot the right girl. All he did was a simple and effective prayer, asking for a clear and distinct sign (Genesis 24: 12-14). The sign was that the young woman to whom he would ask for water to drink would not only give him water to drink, but would also give all the camels water to drink. Even before he had finished praying, there came the young, beautiful woman who did precisely what the servant had prayed for. She gave the servant water to drink and quickly drew water for all his camels. Soon the journey that the servant had made became prosperous and blessed.

Friends, when the servant began his journey, he had no insight about the way he would do in this journey. As instructed by his master, he reached the correct location, but had no clue as to who that girl would be. The servant was in the dark about the girl that God had chosen for his master’s son. Prayer changed everything. May be many of you who are reading this message are praying for the right job or suitable life partner. Be very specific in your prayers. Ask God to connect you with the right person in a very specific way. Ask for precise signs and leading. Your situation, your circumstances might look dark and impossible. You may be down on your knees crying over the dark future that has engulfed you suddenly. You may be overburdened with your debts and terrible sickness. Fear not my dear brother, my dear sister, our God is a God of all impossibilities. Darkness will flee and the Light of God will rise upon you.

Friend, amid all your disappointments, God is giving you a wonderful promise today. “Young lions may go hungry and starve, but you will lack no good thing”. God will turn all your sorrows into joy. A new beginning is yours. I declare in Jesus name that the lungful painful wait is over and your expectation of a new job or your life partner is yours this month. Just believe in this promise word and move forward, Surely God will do a new miracle for you & grant you to receive a new blessed beginning from today. Amen.

God bless you
Rev. Brite Sundar
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