Year of Great Favour & Blessings

Jabez Prayed to the God of Israel, "Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain." And God granted his request - 1 Chronicles 4:10.

The mighty Creator of heaven and earth has helped us to enter this new year 2018. It is His grace that has enabled us. The Bible says every good gift comes from our GOD Almighty. God will bless you with newer good gifts & blessings in this New Year 2018. We prophetically declare that may this New Year 2018 be a year of more New Favours & Blessings in your life. There is a distinct purpose for you in this year 2018 and God is determined to bless you with new favours and outstanding miracles, to accomplish them. What man cannot do, Jesus will do for you this year.

Let us consider the life of Jabez (1 Chronicles 4:9-10) and learn what our role is, in fulfilling God's plan in our life. Even though there is very little that is mentioned about Jabez, God has preserved this man's history in the Bible for you and me to learn and apply in our daily life.

SUPREME CHARACATER: The Bible says that Jabez was a good and honourable man. What does that mean? It means that he must have been a man upright in his dealings, honest and true to his word or agreements and fair in his businesses. Such a good character doesn't pop up into a person suddenly. It is nurtured from a very young age. Yes, it was his mother who instilled good values into her son. She had trained him to be a man of supreme character. The Bible says that his mother brought forth Jabez into this world in sorrow and pain. Even though his mother went through pain and probably grief, she moulded her son into a man of honour and faith.

Friend, you might be a parent, or you may be going to become one. Don't forget that the most important job that God has entrusted you with is to raise your child in a godly way. God wants you to instil fear of God, good values, right priorities and outstanding character in your child that He has gifted you with. Don't let the worldly things corrupt your child. In today's world, parents hand over mobiles into the tender hands of their child and feel proud that their child is very smart to access internet or play games on their own. They let their kids to watch anything on the television to keep their kids away from disturbing them. Remember, you are answerable to God. Your child belongs to God and you are just a caretaker for a short while. Jabez's mother did not let her adverse situations obstruct her commitment in raising her son to be a man of character.

STEADFAST IN FAITH: Jabez had many good traits in him. Of all the qualities that Jabez possessed his faith in the God of Israel was the most prominent one. He had a wonderful relationship with God, which enabled him to believe in God and trust in His goodness and power. What could have caused him to grow in a deep relationship with God? We see that from his birth he had seen pain and sorrow. When he was hard pressed with challenges, pain and difficulties, he didn't open his heart to friends or to his relatives. He turned to God who had created him and was constantly watching over him and his mother. The more he poured out his thoughts, feelings and emotions to God, the more they both became trusted friends. His faith in God and God's love for him were so uniquely bonded. It enabled Jabez to be steadfast in his faith. The Bible says that Faith comes from hearing the God's word. Once again it was his mother who had constantly spoken to him about God, God's character and His ways.

Brother and sister in Christ, what are you constantly talking to your children about? Do you talk to them about the character of God, the goodness of God, the power of God? Have you told them how God had helped you, how He had healed you, how His love for you has never changed in spite of you not responding to His love? You are eager to share your testimony on the stage and in magazines, but did you share it with your children? It is in your power to lead your child to develop a relationship with God. Apostle Paul when he talks about young Timothy, says, 'I am reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded now lives in you also' (2 Timothy 1:5). We see that the faith in God lives in all the three generations. Yes, you need to be the driving force.

PERSISTENT IN PRAYER: Jabez was a man of prayer. He knew precisely, to whom he was praying to and for what he was praying. How comfortable are you when you talk to your closest friend in comparison to your relative? You are always at ease with your closest friend than anyone else. It was exactly what Jabez enjoyed. He relaxed through his pain and sorrow, he never feared over his future as he always surrendered everything into the hands of his most trusted friend, Abba Father God. Look at his short and effective prayer.

a) Asked for Blessings – The first thing that Jabez asks for is for God's blessings. People often ask God to bless them with wealth, a house, a job or a car. King Solomon asked for wisdom to rule the people of God. You and I need the blessing called Favour. Divine favour is always from God. Genesis 39:21 says that the Lord was with Joseph and extended kindness to him and gave him favour in the sight of the chief jailer. The favour of God will enable people, even strangers to be kind and courteous to us. God's favour will cause people's oppositions towards us fade away and every prison door to open wide.

b) Asked for Prosperity – Secondly, Jabez asks for is, Prosperity. 'Enlarge my territory'. It's nothing wrong to ask God to prosper us. God gives us, so that we can be a blessing to others. We need to be a channel of blessing to others. Only when the channel gets emptied, it will be blessed with new blessings.

c) Asked for Guidance - Thirdly, Jabez asks for God's hand to be upon him. In other words, he asked for God's guidance. Many times, we trust our own understanding and take decisions that lead us to failure and loss. Your talents, experience, your finances and your understanding will fail, but if you lean on God's understanding and guidance you are bound to be the head and not the tail.

d) Asked for Protection – Fourthly, Jabez specifically prayed to God to keep him from all harm. He did not request God to keep him away from the sorrows of life, but he asked God to keep him safe from the consequences of evil in his life. Psalm 121:7 assures us that, β€˜The Lord will keep you from all harm-he will watch over your life'. This is exactly what we need to believe and pray for.

Jabez's prayer had no hesitation. It was very precise and included all the details that was needed for him to live victoriously in accordance to God's will. Without any delay, God granted what Jabez had prayed for. There was no delay and no omissions. God is faithful in caring for those who seek Him. God wants everyone to come to Him through constant and passionate prayer.

My dear brother, my dear sister, as we are entering into a new year, I encourage you to understand that there is only your saviour & redeemer Jesus Christ should be the centre of you and your everyday life. Come out of your old ways, invite Him into your life and start a new and fresh relationship with God Almighty. Improve your relationship with God through a consistent prayer life. Like Jabez, cry out to the God of Israel, acknowledging who He is. God will answer your devout prayer immediately. Remember that earnest, fervent prayer that is prayed in true humility is honourable before God.

Wish you all a Blessed Happy New Year 2018.
Rev. Brite Sundar
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