Give Cheerfully & Wholeheartedly :

Moved with compassion on the multitude Jesus spent the whole day in the desert healing the sick and teaching them many things. When the day was far spent the disciples requested Jesus to send the crowd away so they could go into the country roundabout and into the villages and buy themselves bread to eat. Jesus on the other hand told them to provide the multitude with food. After preaching to a multitude Jesus told his disciples to provide everyone food. The disciples were so shocked as they had nothing with them to cater to such a large crowd.

When their minds were thinking of how much to buy, how to buy and where to buy, Jesus asks them to go and find out from the people how many loaves of bread they had. A small boy came forward willingly with the little that he had, fives loaves and two fish. Jesus blessed this willful contribution and told the disciples to serve the multitude who were made to sit in an orderly fashion. All the people eat to their full and the disciples picked up twelve baskets full of the fragments and of the fishes (Mark 6: 31-44). It was an abundant blessing. God blessed the boy‟s giving and opened a new door of provision and fed the multitude. One little boy‟s cheerful and wholehearted giving paved way for the blessings of God to come upon a multitude. This little boy had definitely acquired this good habit of giving cheerfully and willingly from his parents or grandparents. Giving begins at home. How about you? Does your heart go out to help the poor and the needy? Do you desire to be a blessing to the multitude of perishing souls? Offer what is rightfully yours to support the cause of the ministry of Jesus Christ. He will definitely multiply it with provision for the multitude and an abundant provision in particular for you. Learn to respond to the call of Jesus Christ to bless the people around this world with the good news. Your cheerful contribution will undoubtedly open the doors of provisions.

Friends God wants you to be blessed with the treasures of darkness and riches stored in secret places. He goes ahead of you breaking down the gates of bronze and cutting through the iron bars and levelling all mountains that are on your way. He is determined to bless you. Are you determined to follow his instructions? If so join with me and say this prayer “Loving Heavenly Father, I thank you for your promise word that you have given me this month. Help me to be bold and persistent in my asking, earnest in my praying, diligent in obeying your instructions and cheerful in giving. I believe that you have opened the shut doors for me. I take possession of my new blessings in Jesus name. Amen”