God Who Answers Prayers Part - 1
If a human parent could react or respond to a child’s communication in such a precise manner how much more would our Heavenly Father respond when we cry out or communicate with Him

JESUS who set you free HELPS You to be VICTORIOUS
The Creator of Heaven and Earth is Omnipotent (All-powerful) and Omniscient (All-knowing). He is the beginning and the end. He calls into existence, something, from nothing.

Your Time To Move Forward
God's plans for his children are always good. He desires the best for us and has a definite plan and purpose for each of our lives.

Your Victory Is Sure
Life in this world is full of challenges. The Holy Bible gives us valuable guidelines as to what we should do to come victorious in every troubled situation that we would face.

Proclaim Christ Is Lord Of All
The sting of death has been defeated by one man called Jesus. Jesus paid the price for the sins of this world by laying down his life on the cross

Let Your Light Shine
God calls us to stand up and get on to our feet. He wants us to be in light and be the light amidst the darkness that is around. That is the reason the promise word says, “Arise and shine”.

All Shut Doors be Wide Open
He says that he is going to level every mountain that blocks your way; he is going ahead of you breaking down every shut door of opportunity, cutting through every hurdle that blocks your good health and prosperity.

Everything is Turning Over For Your Good
God is a good God and he always desires the very best for all his creations. In particular His goodness towards you is so much that he wants to prosper you in every way.

God Almighty will do For You
We all love to be at the receiving end, whether it is from our parents, friends or any other person. We have the same attitude towards God as well.

God Of Impossibilities
Problems and troubles drive them to think and act in a very abnormal way. What about a situation of being faced with impossibility in your life?

Instant Healing - Part 1
From infancy to old age mankind fights to deal with sickness and restore health in the human body. The healing in human body takes place in different ways and I want you all to understand it.

Instant Healing - Part 2
God has made a provision for the healing of the sick, for the fallen mankind to live a life of peace and good health. The provision is available but the problem is still there in possessing it

Sin No More - Part 1
Just as God and sin don’t co-exist, a child of God and sin cannot co-exist. Yes we who are called the sons and daughters of the living God can never co-exist with sin.

Sin No More - Part 2
It was not the nails that held him on the cross but it was His love for you and me that held him on to that cross. Yes it is all over, the penalty has been paid. Yet why are you living a life of fear? Why are you still struggling with the consequences of sin?

The Blessing Of God's Favour
The birth of Jesus into this world has brought the favour of God into this world and in particular to those who have welcomed Jesus into their lives.

The Lord Puts a Smile on Yor Face
Every morning as we seek his face God gives us the grace to step out into this world boldly, face the challenges fearlessly, walk in faith victoriously and rest in him peacefully.

Your Barreness is Over
Young married couples or even couples married for years are down with barrenness in womb. Men and women toil hard and are stuck with unfruitfulness at the labor of their hand.

Your Dreams are not buried
Dreams are the revelation from God, given to an individual in order to understand the plan of God and yield to the teaching, moulding, and the leading of God that are soon to follow.